Make Date Night Great Again

I have been married to my wonderful husband for 20 years and things can tend to get boring. We go the same places, eat the same foods…blah,blah,blah….. No more. Here are some ways to give date night a twist!


Redo A Room

You might not be the best painter or decorater, but this is a great, fun idea to spend quailty time together!!!


Make Dinner Together

Find a great recipe you both like, go shopping together to get all the ingredients, and make the meal together. Put some music on, pour some wine and just enjoy the experience.


Make A Scavenger Hunt

Make this a really fun game. Whether it be in your house, or around your neighborhood, have fun with this one. The possibilities are endless.


Have a Game Night

Chess, checkers, Monopoly? What’s your choice? Whatever you choose, make it fun and make memories.


Go Get IceCream

Who says you can’t have dessert before dinner? After all, you are adults. Make your own rules and go share a sweet treat!!


Take A Hike

There is no better date than putting away the phones, enjoying the outdoors and most of all the company of your loved one.


Go Ice Skating

Strap on those blades and take your loved one for a spin around the ice.


Visit Your Local Brewery or Winery

Kick back and relax while enjoying some great local brew!!!


Take In A Local Art Gallery

Take a stroll through the halls of an art gallery or museum and learn about different cultures.



Lay under the stars wrapped up in a sleeping bag and just…breathe… and enjoy your spouse and just talk….

There are so many more ideas. Start your own tradition and make those memories.

New Year, New You?

1) Passion is imperative! Don’t make any resolutions just because you feel like you should. Every resolution you make should suit your personal needs, and be something you really truly want. If you make a resolution you could take or leave, you’re going to leave it.

2) Break it down. Take your end goal–maybe an hour of walking or only thirty minutes of TV each day–and see what smaller steps you can take to reach it. Cut down on those negative habits a little bit at a time, while adding ten or fifteen minutes of working out or family time, every day.

3) Specificity, specificity, specificity! Setting vague goals causes more harm than good– “lose twenty pounds” or “shop local organic” sounds like a faraway goal that can be done later. Set very specific goals–instead of “shop local organic”, maybe say “pack the kids three organic lunches per week”. Being specific will help keep you accountable!

4) Set a limit. Instead of making a laundry list of things you’d like to do, pick only two or three things to focus your energy on. Spreading yourself too thin on a dozen or so projects is the fastest, most reliable way to…get nothing done at all! Sorry to say. Studies have shown that people who only set two or three resolutions experience greater success than those who pile them on!

5) Journal your progress and habits. Having that visual record to refer back to over the year can make a world of difference! Track your wake up times, mood, your daily schedule and anything else you feel is important. If you find yourself slipping, you can go back and literally see what things cause you to stray!

Resolution Ideas For Families

If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve compiled some of the top resolutions families strive for!

1) Put a cap on your work day–never check your email after 6pm if you can help it. Your work shouldn’t interfere with your family time!
2) Have more family dinners–at least three times a week, sit down for a family meal together! Home cooked if you can.

3) Cut down on screen time–this means limiting your TV time and NO phones at the dinner table!

4) Go green–get your family to be more eco friendly by recycling cans, bottles and newspapers, limiting shower time and water waste, and turning off lights and game consoles when not in use!

5) Learn a second language–as a family, pick a language you’d like to learn as a group and practice together! This is especially effective if you choose a language with ties to your heritage–explore your culture and come together over one goal as a team!
6) Make time for romance–you may be a mother, but you’re also a wife, a girlfriend, a partner…you’re in a relationship, and it’s perfectly fine to take a little time to bolster your relationship. Twice a month, leave the kids with grandma and hit the town for dinner, dancing and a movie!

7) Be more patient–we know, it can be difficult to be patient (especially when things get crazy in the way only families can). But when you find yourself snapping at the kids, take a step back, a deep breath, and realize that one day, you’ll miss finding jelly fingerprints on the fridge! The things that irritate you now aren’t permanent–so don’t stress!

2017 is just waiting to be your year! With a few tips and a few resolutions to be passionate about, the sky's the limit. By this time next year, you could have a healthier, happier family and a home that runs like a well-oiled machine! Above all, remember that you can do it!