Very Important Papers! Getting Your VIPs in Order

We’ve all got “VIPs”–Very Important Papers that need a good, safe home! We’ve got the best method of keeping all your VIPs in one, easy-to-find place!


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The Hardware

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Binders are a parent’s best friends–keep recipes with ease, extra school photos organized and yes…your VIPs get their own binder too! Make sure you get a heavy-duty 3 ring binder from a reputable company–it should be between one and two inches thick, have hard covers that keep their shape, and a plastic coating that is easy to clean. A good binder can last for years…even decades…so invest wisely.
Also grab a set of tabbed dividers with pockets–some folks opt for the opaque color-coded ones (which are our favorite by far). They’re durable as all get out and add a little more storage space to your VIP binder.

Also grab clear plastic page protectors–you can get a pack of 100 at Target for just a few bucks, and it’s so worth it. They’re good for just about everything, but most importantly, they’re going to house your VIPs!
Optionally, you can grab some blank labels and permanent markers, but it’s not necessary.


Lay it Out

Collect up those VIPs from everywhere in the house–get the birth certificates out of the baby books, the storage unit contract, the car stuff, the lease or home deed, the taxes, the dog registration, copies of your driver’s license and credit cards, social security cards, your wedding ring papers, insurance paper of all kinds, immunization records, passports…anything you can think of that might be stashed in a drawer somewhere or under the bed in a box of junk, grab it. Take it to a quiet part of the house and decide on your layout. One reader divides her stuff into one clear page protector, her husband’s into another and places them both behind one divider. Behind the next is their lease agreement. Behind that is their dog’s vet records. But really, the layout is up to you.


Individual Binders

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It’s all fun and games until suddenly your kid has fifty billion VIPs–report cards, certificates, school photos, birth certificates…not everything is going to fit into your VIP binder, and that’s okay.
Our solution will always be another binder. Please know this.
When your child is in first grate, set them up with their own VIP binder. Pack it full of yearly photos, report cards, test results, doctor and dentist visits and so on. By the time your child graduates you’ll have given them their whole childhood’s worth of VIPs–things they’ll like to have (and sometimes even need) even if they don’t know it yet!


Binder Storage


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Storing your binders is just as important as making them! Make sure you keep your beloved VIPs up high, to save them from water damage, the dog, curious kiddos or any other “from-the-doorknob-down” dangers lurking around! Some folks store them in airtight plastic storage boxes, which we love, but can be a little hard to break into for making adjustments or additions.
Binders also fit in filing cabinets, so it might be worth buying a two-unit cabinet to keep in a home office or bedroom.


Treat It Nice

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Your VIPs are your life–treat it with care! Your binder never leaves the house, never sits out in the open and never ever ever is used by the children! If you move, take your binders with you and always know where they are. The binder system for your VIPs only works if you’re all committed to keeping it safe!


But you can do it, Super Mom! We know you can.